5 Tips for making skincare products

There are many benefits to making your own skincare products, the biggest being that firstly, you know exactly what is in it and therefore control what goes on your skin, and secondly you can design a product tailor made to suit you. If you are just starting down this path or still just thinking about it but haven’t attempted it yet, here are 5 tips from us to you….
1. Do not exceed recommended usage amounts of any ingredients. Remember that just because it is natural doesn’t mean that it can’t be harmful. Excessive quantities of essential oils for example can lead to rashes and skin sensitisation.
2. Always start with a clean space, clean containers/bottles and use purified or distilled water in your product to minimise the chance of microbial growth.
3. Do your research before you design your recipe and reduce the number of ingredients to only what you think is necessary. Adding too many ingredients can be costly, unnecessary and even reduce the effectiveness.
4. Always heat your oils slowly and avoid overheating as it will reduce the nutrient/property content of the oils. Add essential oil or fragrance at the end once cool to reduce evaporation.
5. Preservatives are important for shelf life and stability. To get the most out of your chosen preservative, add it at the end when your product is cooling to maximise effect and don’t forget to make sure your product is within the recommended pH range