Benefits of Masks

For centuries face packs or masks have been used to balance the skin, stimulate blood circulation, cleanse and moisturise. They are most effective when the skin is moist and warm before application.

Clays are a popular ingredient in face masks as they draw out impurities and encourage inflamed tissues to heal. Green Clay is the most common one used and is an especially good option for oily or acneous skin.

Live, natural, full fat yoghurt is also an effective ingredient in face masks as the lactic acid it contains, due to its fermentation, is similar to the skin’s own acid and can help to balance the skin. It is especially beneficial to either very dry or very oily skin.

Add 1teaspoon of green clay to 1/4 cup of yoghurt. Leave on for about 10mins, rinse off with warm water. Then a little cool water. Allow the skin to settle for at least 30mins before applying any moisturiser or oil.