Essential oil support for grief

Essential oils can have a great supporting role in dealing with grief and bereavement. They offer numerous benefits, calming, sedative, anti-depressant and aiding restful sleep to name a few. For example, Frankincense boasts a whole host of beneficial properties that … Read More

Tackling Acne with EOs and Prevention Cleanser recipe

Acne is never pleasant, it can be painful and emotionally stressful. Essential oils can be a great, natural option for helping with all aspects of acne, from prevention or treatment to helping to heal scarring. Acne is predominantly caused by … Read More

Essential oil weight loss boost

Who started out vowing to commit to a health kick this January but the enthusiasm is already waining? Essential oils can have a great supporting role in kickstarting your New Year’s weight loss resolutions. Here are a few that can … Read More

A Soothing Essential oil Blend and Balm recipe for dry itchy skin

Most people associate dry, itchy skin, eczema or dermatitis with winter, but now the spring is here and the weather is getting warmer there are many other things that can trigger skin conditions. Pollen, swimming, air conditioning and sitting on … Read More

The knowledge of thieves

Here’s a fun historical fact for you. This scary looking figure isn’t a reminder that Halloween is next month, it’s actually what doctors wore in the middle ages during the time of the Black Death or Bubonic Plague. The creepy … Read More

What is Sodium Lactate?

Sodium Lactate is a liquid salt naturally derived from the fermentation of sugar. A useful addition to any soap maker’s cupboard! It is used in cold processed soap making to create a harder, longer lasting bar, especially useful with palm-free … Read More

Springtime Anti-ticks

A Blend for September: The first signs of Spring are here! The gum trees are flowering, the scent of native blooms fill the air, and with the arrival of warmer days plenty of us are looking forward to hitting those … Read More

A winter blend for little noses

A blend for August: When it comes to little ones with bunged up noses, a good night’s sleep can be hard to come by. So here is a blend to put in the diffuser to help the night go a … Read More

Linoleic Love

Linoleic acid is essential for healthy skin. It plays an extremely important role in building the protective layer that locks in and maintains moisture, while strengthening the barrier that keeps out irritants. Helping to protect the skin against chaps and … Read More

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