Quick Bees Wax Tip

If you are struggling with a large block of bees wax a quick tip is to either grate it or chop it into small pieces, melt it down and pour it into an ice cube tray. Allow to set and … Read More

Different types of Eczema and which essential oils can help

Eczema is a term for types of dermatitis, it is a name used for a number of different skin conditions, which inflame the epidermis. These skin conditions can be caused by persistent dryness, recurring rashes or allergy related reactions, which … Read More

Essential oil use and Children

We generally recommend that all essential oils are used on or around children with extreme caution. This is because many can be highly toxic to a child and there is a much greater risk of an adverse reaction. Their skin … Read More

How Do Essential Oils Work?

The molecules of essential oils are very small and, once added to a carrier oil and applied to the skin, pass easily into the body through the fatty tissue. Alternatively they can be inhaled through evaporation and enter the body … Read More


Phototoxic or Photosensitising oils are essential oils which can react with the UV rays in sunlight and cause a reaction on the skin. They make the skin more susceptible to UV radiation and can cause redness, irritation, skin cell damage … Read More

Safety on the skin

Essential oils are very concentrated and some can be very harsh when put directly on the skin without a carrier oil. They can take varnish off furniture or be used for cleaning. There are only a couple that are mild … Read More

Examples of good Carrier Oils for Soap

The best base oils to use for soap are saturated fats. They make the bar harder and last longer. These are usually solid oils that have to be melted before use, such as Coconut oil, Cocoa Butter or Palm Oil. … Read More

Soap Recipe Calculator

A very helpful site to use when working out your recipes is www.thesoapcalculator.com

How Much Essential Oil?

We often get asked how many drops of essential oil to use when making small quantities of product for personal use. There is a very simple way of working this out. However many mls you have in the jar or … Read More

Ingesting Essential Oils

The most effective way to use essential oil is topically through the skin or inhalation. In this country an Aromatherapist is not permitted to recommend the oral ingestion of Essential oils. You have to be a suitably qualified medical practitioner … Read More

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