Melt and Pour with the kids

Making melt and pour soap is an excellent activity to do with the kids on a rainy weekend or during the holidays. All you need is a block of melt and poor soap (we have a range of different types … Read More

Soap Recipe Calculator

A very helpful site to use when working out your recipes is

How Much Essential Oil?

We often get asked how many drops of essential oil to use when making small quantities of product for personal use. There is a very simple way of working this out. However many mls you have in the jar or … Read More


Create your own calm with a relaxing blend of Ylang Ylang and Mandarin essential oils.

Ingesting Essential Oils

The most effective way to use essential oil is topically through the skin or inhalation. In this country an Aromatherapist is not permitted to recommend the oral ingestion of Essential oils. You have to be a suitably qualified medical practitioner … Read More

No such thing as ‘Therapeutic Grade’

We at Range Products always endeavour to source the highest quality, pure, undiluted essential oils. There are many misleading terms out there, such as ‘Therapeutic Grade’, ‘Food Grade’, or ‘Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade’. They are all unregulated marketing terms used … Read More

Why do Essential Oils Work?

‘Oils perform many of the same functions in plants as they do for us. Thus, they come to us as experienced and trained agents for health and healing.’ The Chemistry of Oils Made Simple By David Steward PhD

Green Palm Oil

We only sell sustainable palm oil from manufacturers supported by the Green Palm Project. For more information check out their website.

Rosemary for Rememberence

Smell Rosemary Essential Oil while you revise for a test or memorise your speech. Then smell it again when you want to recall the information to help it come back to you.

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