Essential Oils to Help Combat School Sores

Impetigo, commonly referred to as school sores, is a skin infection caused by a bacterial infection that commonly occurs around the nose and mouth. Aromatherapy has proved to be a very effective treatment and is compatible with other methods prescribed by your doctor or dermatologist.

Tea Tree Essential Oil and Lavender Essential Oil both have strong antiseptic properties. Tea Tree Essential Oil helps to dissolve pus, leaving wounds clean. Lavender Essential Oil is known for its skin healing properties, so not only will it fight the bacterial infection, but it boosts the healing of the wound. Lemongrass Essential Oil and Patchouli Essential Oil are two other oils that can help provide relief from pain and itching. Prepare a blend by adding 3-4 drops of each Essential Oil into 50ml of a carrier oil, e.g. Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil or Olive Oil, or alternatively add 3-4 drops of each Essential Oil into 50ml of Aloe Vera Gel. Use on the affected area at least three times a day.

Impetigo is highly infectious so take appropriate precautions whilst treating the affected area. DO consult your doctor or dermatologist if you suspect that you or someone in your family is suffering from impetigo.

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