Fighting Foot Fungus

Fungal nail infections are a common ailment that can present themselves in a number of ways, from slight to moderate nail discolouration, to thickened or crumbling nails. Some essential oils such as clove, tea tree and oregano, have excellent anti-fungal properties and can be really helpful in killing fungus and treating infections naturally without side effects. According to one of the most popular blends for treating fungal toe nail infections is ‘Thieves oil’. This blend has been around since the middle ages when legend has it, grave robbers used it to protect themselves from bubonic plague and the recipes vary depending what you read.

Healthline suggests:
20 drops Cinnamon Leaf
40 drops Clove bud
15 drops Eucalyptus
35 drops Lemon
10 drops Rosemary

For treating the infection, either mix together this blend or simply use one of the essential oils suggested above, add it to a carrier oil in the ratio of 1 drop essential oil to 4 drops carrier oil and apply it to the infected nail(s) once or twice daily. We recommend Jojoba oil as a carrier, it is full of vitamins and fatty acids beneficial in helping to improve nail strength and promote healing and healthy growth.