Ingesting Essential Oils

The most effective way to use essential oil is topically through the skin or inhalation. In this country an Aromatherapist is not permitted to recommend the oral ingestion of Essential oils. You have to be a suitably qualified medical practitioner in order to prescribe this method of use. The essential oils have to be combined with other, non-essential oil ingredients which have been included for therapeutic use and the product has to be registered with the TGA ARTG. This prescribed essential oil product must contain less than the maximum level considered safe by the Australian National Drugs and Poisons Scheduling Committee. Some companies from the USA do recommend the ingestion of essential oils and even sell empty capsules for you to fill, however, that is not permitted here and these companies have separate Australian websites which do not suggest ingestion or sell these capsules.

It requires an Advanced Diploma of Aromatic Medicine and an extensive knowledge and expertise to recommend the oral ingestion of any essential oil. They can be toxic to the kidneys and liver, damage mucous membrane and the gastric process can alter the effect of the oil.

This is why we at Range Products are not able to make any suggestion of this method and encourage customers to use extreme caution when taking advice from anyone who does not possess these relevant qualifications.