Evening Primrose Oil, or EPO as  it is commonly referred to, was first used by the native americans for food and poultices from the whole plant to heal bruising. EPO is made from the seeds of the  Oenothera biennis plant … Read More

Nature’s First Aid Box

Most people have a first aid box of sorts lurking somewhere in the car or the house which will contain the standard bandages, scissors, plasters etc. Add a few select essential oils to your kit as natural trouble shooters. The … Read More

Reviving foot Rub

Why not try our balm base out as a foot rub. Melt it down, add a couple of drops of peppermint essential oil, wait for it to set and massage all over to help seal the heel cracks and refresh … Read More

Kunzea Oil

Also known as Australian Southern Spring flower or Tick Bush and found growing in North East Tasmania or South East mainland Australia, Kunzea essential oil contains 5 sesquiterpine (or C15) compounds that all have strong anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore it can … Read More

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