Maskne- Refreshing Face Cleanser

Maskne. It’s a thing and the struggle is oh so real. While many of us thought that pimples were a young people problem and way back in our rear view mirror, wearing a mask for hours a day, especially in a warm climate, creates the perfect humid environment for dirt build up and bacteria growth. This can lead to an increase in brake outs and mask related acne. Keeping your face clean and fresh is key to keeping those problematic pimples at bay.

This is why we have put together a refreshing cleanser recipe to help beat the blackheads and protect your pores.

Mix together:

50ml Witch hazel

50ml Rose water

10 drops Lavender oil

5 drops Tea tree oil

2 drops Lemon oil

Pour it all into an 100ml bottle with a spray cap lid. Then simply spray it on to a cotton wool pad and wipe over your face around the mask area. It can be kept in your bathroom for the end of the day or popped into your bag for freshening up on the go. 

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