Period Support

The ‘time of the month’ is not a popular topic. Most women feeling they should just pop a Panadol and pretend it’s not happening. But for many women, period pain is not that easy to ignore. It can range from a dull ache in the back, pelvis and legs to intense pain, nausea, vomiting and headaches. It can also cause PMS which effects women on an emotional level, as well as other physical effects such as fluid retention, bloating, tender breasts, sweats, loose bowels and spots. There are many things that make the ‘visit from Aunty Flow’ a miserable time of the month on many levels and essential oils can help. Geranium oil is an excellent hormonal balancer during the menstrual cycle, it can help to reduce fluid retention, ease stress and even balance the skin and reduce spots. Clary sage can be used to help calm the nervous system and mood swings, balance hormone levels, reduce cramps and ease period pain, while Spearmint oil with its antispasmodic and restorative properties has also been used effectively in helping menstrual problems. Chamomile is another oil that can be used for calming cramps and Rose Otto oil also has helpful properties for harmonising the mind and regulating menstruation. Blended together or used alone, any of these oils on a hot compress can be very beneficial placed over a painful, swollen abdomen. Alternatively, they can be added to a carrier oil and put in a warm aromatic bath or used in a gentle abdominal massage. Borage oil is a great choice of carrier as it is high in Gamma Linolenic Acid which has been shown to reduce PMS symptoms. A little TLC with the natural help of essential oils can definitely make things go a little easier.