Revitalising Face Masks

Active clay face masks are an excellent way to cleanse, exfoliate, tone and condition the skin. They can easily be made by simply mixing the clay with purified water. Essential oils and vegetable oils can also be added for extra properties.French clay (Bentonite) is available in a number of colours which have different properties that help various skin types.

Green is the most absorbing of the clays and is often used for Acne and oily, neglected skin. It is ideal for Poultices.

White clay is good for young and sensitive or mature and delicate skin.

Pink clay has a softening effect which refines the skins texture while toning the epidermis. It is also an excellent hair conditioner.

Red clay is great for dry, sensitive skin. It is high in Iron Oxide which enhances the skin’s condition and appearance.

Yellow clay helps tired neglected skin. It has great revitalising qualities.

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