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Unrefined Shea Butter Organic


Unrefined Shea Butter

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Crude, unrefined, soft butter, yellow in colour with a strong nutty odour. Also called African Shea Nut Butter or Karite Butter, it is high in triglycerides and has 5% fatty acids, 8% suponifiables and 7% waxy esters.Its tocopheral content gives it natural antioxidant properties. It has exceptional moisturising properties and is widely used in the soap, skincare and cosmetic industries. The unsaponifiables are said to keep the skin young by stimulating the tissue and helping it make its own collegen. This, along with its ability to help cell regeneration and capillary circulation make it extremely popular in anti-aging formulations. It displays a protecting role against UV rays and is often incorporated into sun protection products.

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