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Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser

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The ultrasonic diffuser’s fine mist allows blends or pure essential oils to be released into the atmosphere at a cool temperature, ensuring that they fully retain their therapeutic properties whilst creating a beautiful aroma.

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  1. mummamayi

    I love my Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser. Best diffuser I’ve ever owned, so much so that I cannot imagine buying a traditional heating one again.
    In a house with 3 children it is perfect: cold to the touch, yet the visible mist serves as a warning it’s on, plus the light function means it can be atmospheric lighting for evening relaxation or a soothing nightlight for a child. Next time my children are sick it will be so easy to get a eucalyptus / peppermint essential oil blend going, with a subtle light that can be left on to make checking on them safer.
    I love the fact it runs for so long (7-8 hours) with so little essential oil required, as well as the optional continual / alternating mist function. It does an amazing job of subtly scenting an average-sized room, even on the alternating setting. It seems very economical (in fact about 5 drops lavender oil proved way too overpowering: 3 drops seems to work well), easy to clean because the essential oil is suspended in water, and also safe as it is so cool.
    A beautiful looking, easy to use, safe and economical diffuser – I hope to buy more soon and will recommend them to friends.

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