Springtime Anti-ticks

A Blend for September:

The first signs of Spring are here! The gum trees are flowering, the scent of native blooms fill the air, and with the arrival of warmer days plenty of us are looking forward to hitting those bush tracks and enjoying exploring the nature trails and national parks in the sunshine. The combination of warm and wet however, make it peak tick season. So with that in mind, our blend for this month is a tick repellent to help protect explorers and their dogs from these unwelcome pests.Based on an article by RN and Registered Aromatherapist Sue Pace on the Tisserand institute website, here is a blend for a research based tick repellent.

20ml Geranium Oil

20ml Cedarwood Virginian

10ml Vetiver

This will make a 50ml bottle that can then be used to make clothing spray using denatured ethanol and distilled water, body gel using aloe vera gel or added to a carrier oil and applied to dog collars and the base of the tail. Please note this blend is not suitable for Cats.

For those of you who would like to read the whole article here is the link https://tisserandinstitute.org/tick-talk-2/