It is hayfever season again and you are sick of sneezing, wheezing and scratching how can we ease our symptoms of hayfever without always relying on conventional drug medications? Well we’ve all heard the stay indoors as long as possible … Read More

Carpet Freshener

Place approx 230g Sodium Bicarbonate into a plastic bag and add 10 drops Clove essential oil, 15 drops Sweet Orange essential oil and 15 drops of Lavender essential oil., Seal the bag and shake well to mix. Leave for at … Read More

Killing the Bugs and Boosting the Immune System

Nearly all  essential oils have bactericidal properties and by encouraging the production of white blood cells, they can assist in the treatment and prevention of infectious illness. Those who regularly use essential oils often become much more resistant to illnesses … Read More

Quick and Easy Mouth Wash

For a speedy way to freshen your mouth before heading out the door, add a drop of clove bud or peppermint essential oil to a spoon of cider vinegar, gargle and spit out and you are ready to go!