Tired Feet??

Have you suffered from tired aching feet, burning or discomfort in your feet after a prolonged period of standing or walking. Anyone can get tired, achy feet. However, it is more likely to occur in people with flat or high-arched … Read More

Get Rid Of Ants

One of our customers says, “getting rid of Ants is easy with a Blend of Lavender Essential Oil and Lemon Essential Oils, just follow the trail and spray on.” Blend in a 250ml spray bottle,  10ml of Lavender Essential Oil … Read More

Essential Oils to Help Combat School Sores

Impetigo, commonly referred to as school sores, is a skin infection caused by a bacterial infection that commonly occurs around the nose and mouth. Aromatherapy has proved to be a very effective treatment and is compatible with other methods prescribed by … Read More

The Magic of Jojoba

Jojoba Oil is similar to Sebum, the natural moisturiser produced by our bodies. It leaves the skin feeling smooth and silky. Add a few drops of Lavender essential oil and you have a great combination.