Feeling Achy??

A Hot Compress could be just what you need, if your muscles are feeling tired and achy. Some essential oils that are great for Hot Compresses are Basil, Bergamot, Chamomile, Ginger, Rosemary, Lavender and Eucalyptus Essential Oils. Below are three different ways … Read More

Are You Alert??

20,000 years ago, being alert could mean the difference between life and death. Today, being alert is more than vigilance and attention, its about mental responsiveness. Being alert goes beyond our physical surroundings it is also about being alive to … Read More

Pick Me UP!!

Feeling a bit tired from your hectic lifestyle?? Feeling rundown, tired, stressed?? Had a full nights sleep and wake up wanting to go back to bed?? Sounds like you need a Pick me UP!! and I’m not talking about coffee… … Read More


It is hayfever season again and you are sick of sneezing, wheezing and scratching how can we ease our symptoms of hayfever without always relying on conventional drug medications? Well we’ve all heard the stay indoors as long as possible … Read More

Beat Jet Lag

To lessen the effect of jet-lag mix together: 60 drops Lavender essential Oil, 60 drops Grapefruit essential oil and 40 drops Rosemary essential oil. Pour into a small amber bottle and leave for 4 days to blend. Add 10 drops … Read More

Flea Repeller for your Pets

If you are finding your pet is having problems with fleas it is useful to know that fleas HATE essential or aromatic oils. A few drops of essential oils such as Rosemary, Lavender or Sage in their bedding can help repel … Read More

Stay Alert Car Freshener

Combine: 8 Drops Rosemary essential oil, 5 Drops Pine essential oils and 2 Drops Peppermint oil with approx 125ml water into a spray bottle. Give the car a spray when you have to make a long journey, remembering to give … Read More

Fending off the dreaded Cold!

If you are one of the lucky few to have managed to avoid getting a Cold so far this winter but feel like one may be on its way, keep it at bay by adding a few drops of Lavender … Read More