Mozzie Bites

Mosquitoes are out in force and the best thing is to avoid them at all cost, but if you are unlucky and have been bitten by one here are some remedies that may help to stop the itch. Most of … Read More


Essential Oils have many uses and there are many ways to use them. Depending on what you are trying to achieve with the essential oil will depend on how you use it. Some of the ways you can use Essential … Read More


Saturated fats such as coconut oil, palm oil and cocoa butter usually make better soaps, as they make the soap harder and richer in texture.

Scenting Soap

When choosing a scent for your soap, you have the option of either fragrance oils which are man made and can contain alcohol, and pure essential oils which are natural and extracted from plants. Our fragrance oils come in a … Read More

Sandalwood Powder

Sandalwood powder is an excellent addition to any soap, lotion, exfoliator or face mask recipe. It has the same antimicrobial and antiseptic properties as Sandalwood essential oil but also has additional balancing and astringent properties. It can also help to … Read More

Herbs & Flowers in Soap

If you like to add texture and interest to soap by adding petals or herbs which compliment the fragrance or essential oil you are using, giving them a long soak in glycerine first and then adding a preservtive such as … Read More

Borax Magic!

Borax in Soap can be a great disinfectant. It also softens the water and boosts the soap’s cleaning power.