Post shaving products have been used for centuries to help clean, heal and soothe the skin of those who prefer a clean shaven appearance. Traditional aftershaves have always been predominantly alcohol based in order to sanitise the shaven facial area and clear any bacteria from tiny cuts or exposed patches left by the razor. While alcohol is an effective antibacterial though, it can sting like mad and over time, it can leave the skin dry, itchy and damaged. There are all kinds of natural oils that can help to cleanse and smooth even the most sensitive of freshly groomed faces. Jojoba oil is great for helping to moisturise and protect the skin from unwanted bacteria, while aloe vera is beneficial for soothing razor burns and damage. Shea butter and vitamin E are full of properties for moisturising and maintaining healthy skin and are regularly recommended in skin products.

Thankfully, our Body Butter Base is loaded with all of these ingredients and more, making it the perfect base for our After Shave Lotion recipe.

In a glass bowl add:
1cup Range Products Body Butter

Then, a little at a time, slowly whisk in:

3/4 cup witch hazel (an excellent cleanser and gentler alternative to alcohol).

10 drops Eucalyptus oil (antibacterial, cleanses pores and helps reduce inflammation.

10 drops Aus. Sandalwood oil (naturally contains emollients which help to moisturise as well as having anti-inflammatory properties)

10 drops Frankincense oil (known for its skin toning and scar reducing properties as well as promoting repair and new skin cell growth).

Once all thoroughly mixed together, pour your lotion into a bottle and it is ready to go.

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