Essential oil support for grief

Essential oils can have a great supporting role in dealing with grief and bereavement. They offer numerous benefits, calming, sedative, anti-depressant and aiding restful sleep to name a few. For example, Frankincense boasts a whole host of beneficial properties that make it a powerful ally when coping with feelings of loss and sadness. Neroli is another great oil for emotional support. It is antidepressant, restorative, uplifting and sedative. Lavender can be used for its calming and sedative properties and Chamomile is also great for bringing peace and comfort in times of sadness. Blend any or all of these oils together and put a few drops on to a tissue or handkerchief. Pop it into your pocket during the day so it is on hand to smell when you need support, and place it under your pillow at night for restful sleep.