Essential oil weight loss boost

Who started out vowing to commit to a health kick this January but the enthusiasm is already waining? Essential oils can have a great supporting role in kickstarting your New Year’s weight loss resolutions. Here are a few that can help…

Bitter Orange essential oil can be used to improve digestion, boost energy levels for exercise, calm the mind and reduce stress eating

Smelling peppermint oil before exercising can help to focus the mind and boost your mood and increase energy levels, leading to a more effective work out.

Grapefruit oil is well known for assisting with weight loss. Inhaling or using it in massage can help to curb hunger cravings and reduce appetite as well as assisting with digestion and supporting your metabolism. 

Inhaling dill seed oil or cinnamon bark oil can help you fight those sugar cravings and urges for something sweet.

There is also ginger oil to help with digestion and boost nutrient absorption.

So why not try giving yourself some essential oil assistance before giving up completely.