Oil of Cloves is a well known, natural treatment for mould that has been used for centuries. So a question we often get asked is does it work? and is Clove Bud or Clove Leaf oil better?

Let’s start with does it work. The short answer is Yes. Clove oil is exceptionally high in something called Eugenol, a chemical constituent capable of effectively killing mould spores. 

This makes it a much more preferable alternative to bleach which will simply whiten and mask the problem, rather than killing it. 

Add 4 drops of clove oil and a tablespoon of bicarb to 1/2 a cup of vinegar for a potent mix that will successfully kill the mould. Use this mix to scrub the area with a toothbrush, or spray over the area and leave it to work. Adding a few drops of clove oil to a block of wood, a chunky piece of chalk or a cup of epsom salt and placing it in the area will also help to keep airborne mould spores at bay. For leather surfaces, add 3 drops to 1/4 cup coconut oil and gently use a cloth in a circular motion to remove mould. 

Though clove oil will kill the mould and keep it away for a little while however, it is important to know that unless the cause of the mould is addressed, such as the moist or damp environment which was perfect for growth in the first place, the problem will reoccur and the mould will keep returning to the area.

Now we have confirmed that it is an efficient toxic mould killer, is Clove Bud or Clove Leaf oil the better option? The answer to this is either. Both contain eugenol and both can be used. Clove bud has a higher eugenol content so is more powerful BUT, it is important to know that eugenol inhaled in high doses can also be toxic to humans, as well as a possible skin irritant. So while it is worse for mould, splashing too much around could be detrimental to your health, and the health of your pets. 

So our advice would be to begin with clove leaf oil and if it doesn’t work well enough, bring out the clove bud oil. Wear protective gloves and mask before tackling mouldy areas, and though we would definitely suggest the use of clove oil for mould, we would also recommend getting to the bottom of the problem and avoid using it as a long term solution.


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