Insomnia is defined as “the inability to sleep sufficiently over a period of time’. Insomniacs either experience difficulty sleeping or have difficulty falling or staying asleep. It can last for long periods of time which can lead to number of unhealthy side effects. Though it can sometimes be caused by pain, lack of fresh air and exercise or poor diet, Insomnia most often develops from stress related problems or depression and anxiety. Essential oils which have relaxing and uplifting properties can be very useful, as well as oils with sedative properties. These oils can be used effectively in a warm relaxing bath, through tension relieving massage, in a vaporiser, or a couple of drops on the pillow.

Valerian essential oil has strong sedative properties and is often helpful in easing anxiety and pain relief. It can calm and restore the central nervous system, however, due to being a depressant on the nervous system, prolonged use is not recommended.Another essential oil with sedative and calming properties which can help to relax and sooth the mind is Sweet Marjoram. Vetiver oil can help with grounding the emotions and ease an overactive mind. It is considered to be deeply relaxing and helps to relieve nervous tension. Lavender oil has good calming, mind soothing properties and has been proven to help induce restful sleep. It can balance emotions and the nervous system. Chamomile also calms and sooth the mind. Ylang Ylang oil helps to create a feeling of peace and relieve anxiety. It is sedating and soporific and helps lower blood pressure. Bergamot is also an oil which can be used as an uplifting anti-depressand and stress reliever. Here is a suggestion for an insomnia blend for a massage oil:

100ml Sweet Almond Oil

20 drops Lavender

14 drops Sweet Marjoram

8 drops German Blue Chamomile

5 drops Ylang Ylang

3 drops Vetiver


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