Melt & Pour Soap

Making Melt & Pour soap is so easy, if you can melt butter you can make soap!

To start with place glycerine soap in a bowl placed over a saucepan with water on a rolling boil. The soap melts like butter over low heat (Do Not let soap heat over 70OC).  Stir constantly and remove from heat the moment half the soap has liquified and continue stirring whilst the rest of the soap liquifys.

Once the soap has melted, you can add food colourings, skin safe pigments or mycas, fragrances, emollients, hardeners and exfolients to the soap. Add a small amount at a time and stir gently to blend completely.

When you are satisfied with your soap, gently pour it into a mold. You can use jelly molds to form your soaps, or candy molds to create miniture guest soaps. A clean milk carton is great for making square soaps, or use a clean tuna can for a round soap. It’s amazing how many items around the house can be turned to good use as soap molds.

If there are bubbles on the top of your mold after pouring, they can be dispersed (Immediately after pouring, or else it will be too late) by spritzing with rubbing alcohol.

Leave the mold on the bench to allow the surface of the soap to skin over – maybe 10-15 mins. If you are in no hurry for your soap, the mold can be left overnight to harden, then gently invert the mold and wait for the soap to slide out. In a Hurry – Once the soap has formed a skin, and you can pick up the mold without spilling the soap, gently transfer the mold to the freezer. Freeze for an hour or so, then invert the mold and wait for the soap to slide out. If you have difficulty in getting the soap out of the mold, running hot water over the back of the mold for a few seconds may help. Freezing can also help in unmolding soap that has been left to set on the benchtop.

Be creative by adding decorations in your soap molds, the only limitation is your imagination!! Enjoy!!

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