Mouse Repellent

Unfortunately with the cold and wet weather we seem to get more of the unwelcome visitors in our home. One of the best Essential Oils to use to repel mice is Peppermint Essential Oil, Spearmint may also work just as effectively too. Make a spritzer with 100 ml of water and 20 drops of Peppermint Essential Oil (you can also solubilise the oil first by using a solubiliser, mix 5 drops of polysorbate with the 20 drops of Peppermint essential oil first before adding to your water). Clean out your cupboards, then spray the cupboards with your home made spritzer, do not wipe off. Pack everything back in. You could also put Peppermint Essential Oil onto cotton wool balls in spots that you think mice are getting in. This will deter the mice from coming in without inhumanely killing them.

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