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  1. Ethan Taylor -

    Upon unboxing the 15L "Coconut Oil" from Range Products, I was intrigued by the bladder inside the cardboard box. My first use was in cooking, and the oil's refined nature shone through. It's reminiscent of some high-quality coconut oils I've used in the past but stands out with its 25°C solidifying point. A heads-up: the white drum tap is sold separately. Would I recommend it? Absolutely, especially for those looking to buy coconut oil in bulk.
  2. Olivia Martin -

    The first thing you notice about Range Products' "Coconut Oil" is the unique 15L packaging. The oil itself is a class apart - refined, deodorised, and perfect for various uses. It's a step above other coconut oil products I've tried, especially with its 25°C solidifying feature. A minor hiccup was the separate drum tap, but it's a minor detail. A definite must-try for coconut oil enthusiasts!
  3. Lucas Wilson -

    Unpacking the "Coconut Oil" from Range Products was an experience in itself. The 15L cardboard box and bladder combo is innovative. The oil? Simply superb. Refined, deodorised, and reminiscent of the pure coconut oils from Indonesia. Its unique solidifying point at 25°C is a standout feature. A small note: the drum tap is sold separately. Would I buy again? In a heartbeat! ❤️🥥
  4. Ava Anderson -

    The 5L "Coconut Oil" from Range Products is a game-changer. Right from the packaging to the oil's refined quality, everything screams premium. It's a notch above other coconut oils I've used, particularly with its 25°C solidifying point. A minor point to note is the separate purchase of the white drum tap. But that aside, this is coconut oil at its finest. A must-buy for those seeking quality and authenticity.


Refined and Deodorised Coconut Oil

Botanical Name: Cocos nucifera

Country of Origin: Indonesia

Part of Plant used: Copra

Method of Extraction: Cold Pressed

Note: Oil solidifies at 25oC

15L is packaged in a cardboard box (oil contained in a bladder)

Please order if required: 20L Drum Tap

What is wholesale Coconut Oil?

Wholesale Coconut Oil is the supply of Coconut Oil in large quantities. It mainly originates from Indonesia. The oil, extracted from the Copra of the coconut, undergoes a cold-pressed method. It is then refined and deodorised. Available quantities for purchase include 1Ltr, 5Ltrs, and 15Ltrs.

Wholesale & Bulk Coconut Oil Volume (Ltrs) Volume (ml)
bulk coconut oil 1 Ltr 1000 ml
bulk coconut oil 5 Ltrs 5000 ml
bulk coconut oil 15 Ltrs 15000 ml

Wholesale & Bulk Coconut Oil Suppliers Australia

Range Products is a trusted supplier of wholesale coconut oil in Australia. With our commitment to quality and authenticity, we provide coconut oil that is sourced from Indonesia, ensuring that our customers receive a product that is both pure and ethically sourced. Our coconut oil is available in various sizes, catering to both small and large-scale requirements.

Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is renowned for its myriad of benefits. It’s a staple in many kitchens, perfect for cooking due to its high smoke point and rich flavour. In the cosmetic world, it’s praised for its moisturising properties, making it a favourite for skincare and haircare. Additionally, coconut oil solidifies at 25°C, making it unique in texture and application.

Why Choose Range Products for Bulk Coconut Oil?

1. Ethical Sourcing and Authenticity

At Range Products, we believe in the power of authenticity. Our coconut oil is ethically sourced from Indonesia, ensuring that every drop you receive is genuine and produced with the utmost respect for the environment and local communities. We are committed to maintaining a transparent supply chain, allowing our customers to trace the origins of their products and be confident in their ethical choices.

2. Premium Quality Assurance

Quality is not just a word for us; it’s a promise. Our coconut oil undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure it meets the highest standards. Extracted using the cold-pressed method from the copra of the coconut, our oil retains its natural properties and benefits. Furthermore, our refined and deodorised process ensures that you get a pure product, free from any contaminants or unwanted odours, making it perfect for both culinary and cosmetic applications.

3. Customer-Centric Approach

We understand that our customers are at the heart of our business. That’s why we offer a range of sizes, from 1Ltr to 15Ltrs, catering to diverse needs. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, we have solutions tailored for you. Our dedicated customer service team is always on hand to assist with any queries, ensuring a seamless shopping experience. Plus, with our user-friendly website and efficient shipping options, ordering bulk coconut oil has never been easier.

How to Order Wholesale Coconut Oil

Ordering wholesale coconut oil from Range Products is straightforward. Simply visit our website, select the desired size – whether it’s 1Ltr, 5Ltrs, or 15Ltrs – and add to cart. For larger quantities, like the 15L option, we offer convenient packaging in a cardboard box with the oil contained in a bladder. Additionally, a white drum tap for the 15L size can be ordered separately if required.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What sizes of Coconut Oil does Range Products offer?

Range Products offers Coconut Oil in sizes: 1Ltr, 5Ltrs, and 15Ltrs.

How is the coconut oil extracted?

Range Products extracts Coconut Oil using the method: cold-pressed from the part: copra of the coconut.

What are the benefits of buying Coconut Oil in bulk?

Buying Coconut Oil in bulk from Range Products ensures: consistent supply, cost-effectiveness, and suitability for both culinary and cosmetic needs.

What are the payment methods for wholesale orders?

Range Products accepts payment methods: PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard for wholesale orders.

How can I ensure the quality of the Coconut Oil?

Range Products ensures Coconut Oil quality by refining and deodorising, and providing product details like: country of origin and extraction method.

Where is the coconut oil sourced from?

Range Products sources Coconut Oil from the country Indonesia.

What are the shipping options for wholesale orders?

For Coconut Oil shipping options, customers should: visit the Range Products website or contact the customer service team.

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