Whether it is sheltering from the rain, avoiding the dry heat or the promise of something tasty, ants can suddenly appear in your home at any time. The small black house ants can be the most difficult to get rid of because, unlike most ant species, they are happy to build their nest inside, setting up home in anything from your roof to your microwave and every rolled up item in between. Fortunately we have a couple of natural ideas that could help. One option is Borax, a natural mineral that is poisonous to ants. Mix it with a little bit of sugar and sprinkle near the nest for an irresistible snack they will take home and share around. Another great option is citrus essential oils for 3 reasons. Firstly ants rely on smell so are repelled by strong scents. Secondly, citrus oils contain d’limonene, which is toxic to ants. And thirdly they are naturally antibacterial and make your home smell beautifully fresh and clean. So when it comes to ant problems, using citrus oils to clean is a win win we highly recommend. 

For mopping your floors, mix the following into your bucket, then add water:

1tbsp Castile soap

5 drops lemon oil

5 drops Sweet Orange oil

5 drops Lemongrass oil

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