Revitali-zing Shower Gel

Whether it’s the end of a long, hard day or the beginning of a fresh new one, there is nothing better than an invigorating shower to ease tired muscles and refresh dulled senses. So here is a revitalising shower gel blend to help get you all pepped up and feeling fresh as a daisy.

Start with one of our 1L bases, Shower Gel, Castile Liquid Soap or Mild Body Wash. 

Then, into that 1L bottle add:

7ml Lime West Indian Oil  – A great restorative oil to help revive and enliven the body’s systems.

2ml Lemon Myrtle Oil – to help ease stress and cleanse with its antiviral & antibacterial properties.

1ml Basil Oil – to help ease muscular aches and mental fatigue.

Replace the cap, give it a thorough shake and it’s ready to go, leaving you either well on your way to an energised day or boosted and rejuvenated for the evening ahead.