Soothing Sleep Blend for a Troubled Mind

With so much going on around us, we know how hard it can be to switch off all those thoughts rushing around in our minds and get a truely restful night’s sleep. For some people, the dark and quiet at the end of the day can be deafening. Sleep is vital for our bodies to rest, repair and stay healthy. There are many essential oils that have properties conducive to calming restlessness and soothing stress, so we have put together a blend of our top choices to help encourage a little relaxation. One of the most popular essential oils for relaxation is Lavender, well known for helping improve sleep quality. The sedative properties of Sweet Marjoram make it an excellent oil for inducing deep sleep and is a favoured choice for insomnia. Frankincense, with its powerful stress and anxiety relieving properties, can help induce a relaxed, meditative state, soothing the mind for a peaceful night. And finally, German blue chamomile is full of a sleep inducing phytochemical called Apigenin, which is sold as a natural supplement to help relax the muscles and aid sedation.
Makes 20ml:
8ml Lavender
5ml Frankincense
5ml Sweet Marjoram
4ml German Blue Chamomile
Blend them all together in a bottle and then add 8-10 drops to a diffuser or vaporiser in the bedroom. It could be all you need to get you pushing up those Zs and sleeping like a log.