Nourishing Nail Oil

Repeated hand washing, regularly using hand sanitiser and now the colder weather can really take a toll on your nails, leaving them dehydrated, peeling and brittle. Nails often get forgotten when we think about moisturising but they actually dry out … Read More

Kids Melt & Pour Soap Recipe

Winter is upon us and coughs and colds are rapidly spreading through schools, so it’s important to remind our little people to regularly wash their hands. They need even more encouragement to put their hands under cold water on a … Read More

Activate Charcoal Moisture Absorbers

This time of year brings cold temperatures and wet weather, which in turn can bring damp, mould, mildew and musty odours into homes. Often found lurking at the back of wardrobes, around windows and rooms that aren’t used too often, … Read More

Food Safe Sticker Removal

Labels and stickers can be tough to get off. Whether it’s for reusing a jar or bottle, an unwanted logo, or removing a sticker that has been lovingly added to your furniture by a thoughtful little person, most of us … Read More

Beard Oil Recipe

Beard oils are becoming increasingly popular and it’s no wonder. From keeping it healthy and clean to boosting volume and growth, when made from natural oils, a nourishing beard oil can work wonders on your whiskers. It can help control … Read More

Luxury Bath Salts

There is nothing better than immersing yourself in a hot bath at the end of a long day to help you unwind. This luxurious bath salt recipe, packed full of beneficial properties, would make the perfect addition to any relaxing … Read More

5 Tips for making skincare products

There are many benefits to making your own skincare products, the biggest being that firstly, you know exactly what is in it and therefore control what goes on your skin, and secondly you can design a product tailor made to … Read More

Christmas Candle Blend

People are beginning to get busy making products and gifts for the festive season, particularly candles. We have a number of different fragrance options to get you in the Yuletide mood but if you were looking for a natural option … Read More

Festive Bath Bombs

If you are organised enough to be thinking ahead and already planning your Christmas presents, why not have a go at making some bath bombs for your loved ones? They are easy to make and add a little fun and … Read More

Asthma Support

Spring is in the air and while many of us are enjoying the vibrant colours it brings, it can be a difficult time for asthma sufferers. The weather keeps changing from cold and damp to warm and dry and the … Read More

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